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Verimpex entrance mats stand for quality and expertise. But you already knew that for sure. Here are some answers to other frequently asked questions.

Why is a qualitative doormat so important?

A doormat is important considering that more than 70% of the dirt and humidity gets into buildings because of dirty feet or wheelchairs.

An efficient doormat can reduce the amount of dirt and humidity level up to 90% !

This number depends on the surface and the type of the chosen doormat. That is why the choice of a high-quality mat, matched to the situation and surroundings, is so important.

It is best to embed the doormat in a mat well in order for the mat to collect as much dirt as possible. A combination of different types of mats or inserts can increase the functionality of the mat.

Did you also know that

·      The cost for maintenance of flooring systems is estimated at 86% of the total cost ?

·      The installation of a quality mat significantly reduces the maintenance and cleaning costs and its intensity ?

·      Accidents caused by slipping is caused by a wet floor or wet shoes in 90% of the cases ?

What should I consider when choosing a mat?

Various factors play a part in choosing the right mat.

  • Should you wipe or brush or a combination of both?
  • How intensive is the passage and what exactly passes by (e.g. pedestrians, wheelchairs, push chairs, heavy material, etc.)?
  • Is there already a mat well or not?
  • Should you put your mat indoors or outdoors?
  • Does the mat suit the floor covering?

Our experienced dealers will gladly help you choose your perfect entrance mat.

What is the passage of your mat?

The passage of your mat is the number of transits per hour. They are divided up into high, medium, and low traffic.
High traffic means there are more than 100 transits over your mat per hour. Think of airports, department stores, or schools. A lot of material on wheels also passes over the mats e.g. shopping trolleys, luggage trolleys, wheelchairs, etc.
Medium traffic means about 100 transits per hour. This applies to most shops and offices.
Low traffic means any location with fewer than 100 transits per hour.

  • High traffic: more than 100 transits per hour
  • Medium traffic: about 100 transits per hour
  • Low traffic: fewer than 100 transits per hour.
What is the direction of the passage?

The direction of the passage is the direction in which most people walk on the mat. A good estimate of the direction of the passage is important to ensure that your entrance mat works properly. The direction of the passage has to be at right angles to the profiles for maximum removal of dirt and moisture.

How much will my delivery cost?

For a delivery of up to 50kg you pay €16.00 + VAT. The price is €30.00 from 50kg and above. 
Orders of at least €750 (not including VAT) are delivered in Belgium free.

What is a ramped edge frame profile and why is it important?

ramped edge frame profile or structural frame is a diagonal profile which is screwed to the floor. It improves safety for the benefit of your visitors. If there isn’t a mat well, there is a risk of someone stumbling over your mat. A ramped edge frame profile is the ideal solution to prevent that from happening.

How should I clean and maintain my mat?

You should clean your mat regularly to keep it in good condition. How often depends on the usage, type of mat, and surrounds. By cleaning your entrance mat regularly, you extend its lifespan and keep more dirt out of your home or other building.
The frequency of cleaning is adapted to the level of contamination. You should do this monthly or annually, Depending on the situation. For mats with different sections it is important to put the mat sections back in the same positions without forcing them.
Regular cleaning
Sweep up or vacuum clean dry dirt in the direction of the profiles.
Periodic cleaning
Remove the mat from the well.
Vacuum clean the mat well and the mat itself thoroughly.
Put the mat back in place carefully.
Reversible mats are identical on both sides. In a symmetrical design you can put them back recto verso.
Thorough cleaning
Remove the mat from the well.
Vacuum clean the mat well and clean it with water.
Clean the mat with a high-pressure cleaner or garden hose in combination with a scrubbing brush, water, and a universal detergent.
After cleaning, leave the mat to dry for a few hours, preferably upright.
Put the clean mat back carefully into the dry and clean well.

What are the terms and conditions of sale?

Our terms and conditions of sale are clear and transparent. Moreover, you kill two birds with one stone i.e. if you can’t sleep very well, this makes excellent reading material.

  • By placing an order, the client accepts our general terms and conditions of sale fully and unreservedly.
  • Orders are binding only if they are confirmed in writing by our administrative staff. If there is no written confirmation, our invoice is regarded as confirmation.
  • We take the necessary measures to respect delivery periods, but, in the case of a delay, we will not accept any claim for compensation.
  • If an order already drawn up by Verimpex is cancelled, there is a fixed administration charge of €50.00.
  • A delay in delivery is no justification for cancellation under any circumstances.
  • The goods are transported at the addressee’s risk.
  • The goods to be shipped by rail or road are regarded as accepted by the buyer before their shipment: Unless there is an exceptional decision, the goods are transported at the buyer’s risk, even if the shipment is carriage paid. Upon receipt of our goods, the client must at all events make sure that the packaging is in good condition and, if this is damaged or moist, point this out to the carrier as required before accepting the goods. We provide insurance only at the explicit request of our clients. The mats or other goods, which have to be placed or have already been placed, remain necessarily on the site or in the ancillary buildings of our clients under their surveillance. Therefore, we cannot be held liable under any circumstances for theft, loss, or any damage.
  • If any complaint is to be valid, it must be submitted to the company Verimpex in writing within five (5) days of the receipt of the goods.
  • The travel costs of our workers are invoiced at the correct price; travelling time and any works not provided for in these specifications, such as the relocation of furniture, cleaning rooms, planing doors evenly, and such like are invoiced at the annually amended rate. This rate is always available on request. These rates are subject to annual review.
  • Our removal conditions and prices apply for perfectly smooth surfaces, which can be nailed and which are clean and ready for relocation.
  • If our trust in the creditworthiness of the buyer is shaken by the enforcement of a court decision against the buyer and/or other discernible events which cast doubt on and/or render impossible the proper execution of the commitments agreed upon by the buyer, we reserve the right, even if the goods have already been shipped in full or in part, to suspend the entire order or part of it and to demand suitable security from the buyer. If the buyer refuses to provide such security, we reserve the right to cancel the entire order or part of it. All this takes nothing away from our right to any compensation and interest.
  • We also reserve the right to charge immediately for the delivered goods for the partial execution of an order.
  • If goods have to be returned, we will charge for 60% of their value if the goods have not yet been put to use.
  • All invoices are payable in Bruges.
  • Our invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date unless there is an alternative written stipulation.
  • Point 13 is not valid for invoice amounts of €247.87 and below. These amounts are paid cash on delivery.
  • Each amount which is still outstanding on its expiry date shall legally yield interest without notice calculated on the basis of the Belgian legal interest rate plus 2%, with a minimum interest rate of 12%.
  • In the event of non-payment by the expiry date, we reserve the right to increase the amount of the invoice by 15%, with a minimum of €12.39 as compensation for failure to pay.
  • The non-payment of one single invoice by the expiry date means that the due balance of all the other invoices becomes legally due and payable immediately, even the balance of invoices which have not yet expired.
  • If the buyer fails to carry out its commitments, the sale can be terminated legally and without notice without prejudice to the rights of the vendor to claim compensation and interest. The indication of intent to that end by the vendor by means of registered letter shall suffice for that purpose.

Retention of title

  • The goods remain our property until the price is paid in full. All risks are borne by the buyer. We retain the paid deposits as reimbursement of possible losses in the event of resale.
  • If the buyer resells or even processes the goods which belong to us, he or she then transfers to us all claims which arise from this resale.
  • The drawing and/or accepting of bills of exchange or other negotiable documents does not involve the substitution of one debt for another and does not form a deviation from the terms and conditions of sale.
  • In the event of a dispute, the law courts of Bruges or the law courts in the buyer’s town/city shall have sole jurisdiction, according to the vendor’s choice. For our clients domiciled in Belgium, only the law courts of Bruges shall be authorised to adjudicate in the event of a dispute.
  • Our guarantee on the mats expires completely in the case of adjustment or repair carried out by you yourself or by a person appointed by you and not by our own staff or by our designated company.
  • Prices apply only to rectangular mats unless otherwise stated. You can obtain an exact price quotation for non-rectangular mats at any time on request.
  • The late return or non-return by the client of his or her ‘own receipt’ does not constitute a reason under any circumstances for the late payment or non-payment of our invoice.
When is my mat under guarantee?

Since we believe in the quality of our products, you have a 10-year guarantee on the following ranges: Topguard®, Tireguard®, Brossguard®, Polyguard® and a 5-year guarantee on Cleanmid® and Econotuf.

  • Your doormat must be produced, sold, and fitted by Verimpex or an authorised partner.

  • The guarantee covers defects which were not visible at the time of the delivery. And so, this does not cover the colour, dimension, or damage caused by the transport. Those elements must be raised by the time of the delivery at the latest.

  • The guarantee applies solely to abnormal defects. Those defects cannot be a result of normal wear and tear. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper maintenance or use, contact with sharp objects, an abnormal load, fire or floods, or by faulty fitting on a base which is not flat.

  • The guarantee does not apply to consequential loss such as physical injuries, loss of profit, or losses as a result of closure or unemployment.

  • Any damage or defect which is covered by the guarantee must be reported to the Customer Care Service by registered letter or by fax or e-mail answered before receipt. Your notification includes a detailed description of the defect and preferably some photographs of the damage.

  • A full statement of the terms and conditions of guarantee is included with your sales agreement.
How do I order my doormat?

You order your doormat with one of our dealers. These are all specialist dealers who will give you all the help you need with the choice, composition, and design of your entrance mat.

Does the service also include measurement and fitting?

Professional measurement and fitting of your entrance mat is essential for a perfect fit and functioning. That’s precisely why we are only too happy to offer this service. Our experienced fitters will come to your premises for a complete measurement and fitting. This ensures that your mat does exactly what it should do.
Measurement and fitting services are available only in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Northern France. There is an extra charge for this.