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On our Belgian craftsmanship in mats.

Verimpex has been the home of innovative craftsmanship since 1983. As a leading producer, we create customised floor mats. For both private clients and professionals. With high standards and a thoughtful approach, our seasoned professionals meet the specific needs of each project.

Goodbye to moisture and dirt

Floor mats with Verimpex technology reduce the amount of dirt and moisture in a building by 90%. This also keeps cleaning and maintenance costs to a minimum for both the building and the customised entrance mat. Gone are the days of dirty feet and filthy buildings. Welcome to spotless floors.

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Craft class

With a sense of perfection you can enjoy a unique entrance or floor mat which certainly makes short shrift of dirt. Our experienced technicians cover each element. Our own specialists take measurements, design your customised entrance mat, and are responsible for efficient fitting. However challenging the shape or site may be.
With over 30 years of specialist experience in quality, we develop a solution for any challenge and an alternative for any budget.

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Aesthetic added value

Our customised floor mats are adapted to any preference and the functional needs of the intended use. Including personalised colours or logos. Each entrance mat is the result of intensive precision work and a refined production process. With a guarantee and short delivery times. Even with complex surfaces.

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With attention for nature

A deliberate choice for quality with a long lifespan. We commit ourselves to sustainable production every day. By using recycled rubber and solar power, we limit our ecological footprint and the use of fossil fuels. Because our children, too, deserve a clean world.

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