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Our terms and conditions of guarantee

I. The guarantee applies

  • Solely in the circumstances specified here.
  • Solely with respect to the immediate contracting party of Verimpex.
  • Solely on the proper object of the performance of Verimpex.
  • Solely on goods which have been produced, sold, and fitted integrally by Verimpex, on condition that the fitting has been done by authorised Verimpex fitters from the region.
  • Under no circumstances on additional installations and materials which are not from Verimpex.
    Solely on defects which were not visible at the time of the delivery.
  • Under no circumstances on visible defects such as colour, dimension, damage arising during transport, etc. Those visible defects must be reported no later than the time of the delivery.
  • Solely on abnormal defects which are not the result of normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear includes the following, but this list is not exhaustive: discolouration and wear from anodisation, oxidation of the messing, or electrolysis between the various metals.
  • Solely on abnormal defects which are not the result of improper cleaning or maintenance. The products must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines as specified in the supplied instructions, folders, brochures, and on the web site.
  • Under no circumstances for damage or abnormal wear and tear caused by (this list is not exhaustive): improper use, contact with sharp objects, dismantling, abnormal loads and pressure, fire, strokes of lightning, floods, external mechanical/chemical/radio-technical/thermal influences, manipulations or changes by unauthorised fitters, use of unacceptable accessories or parts, faulty placement in the mat well, or sagging as a result of a base which is not flat.
  • Under no circumstances applicable for damage arising during the transport.

II. Other remarks

  • The guarantee does not apply under any circumstances, and Verimpex cannot be held liable under any circumstances, for any consequential loss such as loss of profits, losses through closure, unemployment, etc.
  • Any damage and any defect which is covered by the guarantee must be reported to the Customer Care Service ( by registered letter or by fax or e-mail answered before receipt within five working days of its emergence, with a detailed description and, if possible, accompanied by some photographs.
  • Verimpex offers its users online support to help them use the supplied products correctly.

III. Scope of the guarantee

  • The guarantee is basically applied degressively in accordance with the number of months which have passed since the product was put to use in proportion to the maximum duration of the guarantee for each type of product (see also III.9).
  • The products are repaired professionally at no extra cost or replaced with new products of the same type and finish.
  • As a result of the principle of degressive guarantee, the beneficiary of the guarantee is responsible only for the fraction which is not covered by the guarantee (e.g. for 36/60ths of the repair and/or replacement costs for damage after 36 months to a product with a guarantee of 60 months).
  • The replaced mats or parts of it once again become the property of Verimpex.
  • It is not possible to provide a replacement product during the period of the repair or replacement works.
  • There is norevision of the guarantee period after repair or replacement.
  • In exceptional cases Verimpex can decide neither to repair nor replace the product. In that case the product is repossessed, and a guarantee contribution is stipulated on the basis of the degressive fractional value of the product.
  • 'Value of the product' means the amount invoiced by Verimpex to the contracting party or agent.
  • The guarantee lasts for 10 years for the ranges Topguard®, Tireguard®, Brossguard® and Polyguard®. For the ranges Econotuf and Cleanmid®, we offer a 5-year guarantee. 
  • The guarantee is valid in all EU countries. The period of the guarantee outside the EU is limited to 24 months under the same conditions of proportionally degressive deduction.