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Durable mats: for you and for nature.

Both during our production process and with daily use, we commit ourselves to making durable entrance mats. Green (literally or not) and long-term: That’s our aim.

Long lifespan

Verimpex mats combine strong materials to make a solid whole. The attention to quality and a long lifespan is a highly conscious choice. This means that your customised mat lasts for years and the entrance mat only needs to be replaced after several years of intensive use. That’s a bonus for the mountain of waste and your finances.

Green energy

Sustainable production starts with the supply of energy for our machinery. Thanks to strong investment in solar panels and green energy, we reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum. Today, our production is powered almost entirely by renewable energy.

Recycled aeroplane tyres

Sustainable enterprise means wise use of raw materials. One of the most striking examples of the sustainable mentality of Verimpex can be found in our Tireguard line. These entrance mats are made from nothing but recycled rubber from aeroplane tyres. This is how we give existing materials a second life.