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Focus on technology and innovation

Technology and innovation are the driving forces behind our developments and entrance mats. Thanks to over 35 years of experience, internal technical knowledge, and our own research. Furthermore, we don’t do the latter on our own. Together with Ghent University, we put each new mat through the most complex tests.

Doormats with a university background

The Textile and Science Engineering work group from Ghent University is our longstanding partner for technical challenges. Each new mat is examined in detail by the university work group. From quality measurement to durability. The results? We publish them with pride in all our technical specifications.

Safe and progressive

Safe, demanding, and progressive. We regularly develop new types of mats which can withstand the most testing conditions. From fireproof, self-extinguishing, and smokeproof such as the Topguard Fire Resistant to a unique brush profile which keeps out dirt better than ever. That drive for innovation is our trademark.